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Learning Seminar

22st Annual Michigan Wood Carvers Association

Learning Seminar May 15th thru 19th, 2017

Midland Fairgrounds, Midland, Michigan

This Seminar is sponsored by MWCA to provide Michigan wood carvers, or any woodcarver, an opportunity to learn from experienced instructors in various wood related art forms.

Cost per person: MWCA members $175.00, non members $190.00.

The class size is restricted to a maximum of 12 students





Instructors,  Class Subject

 Seminar Application .PDF  Click

 Class Change form .PDF  Click
  Map to Fairgrounds 

  Garry Mulick
  cell phone:  616-340-6114

  Jeff Swanson
  phone:  1-616-794-3072

  2013 Seminiar Pictures

2016 Seminiar Pictures
1.  Wayne Barton-Chip Carving   web page
2.  Gary Bityk – Architectural fantasies in cottonwood bark
3.  Carol Jean Boyd- Cyprus Knee carving   Bio
Doug Evans- Beginning carving
5.  Gary Falin – Caricature carving /hand   
web page  Full.
6. Jim Finney – Gun Stock (bring stock)  Bio     Cancelled
7.  Mike Ford – Kirtland’s Warbler/Pine  Branch(power) 
8.  Leah Goddard – Realistic Animal, carve and paint, hand and power 
Bio   Full.
9. Dylan Goodson – European Relief Carving   Bio   web page Cancelled
10. Bruce Henn- Caricature Carving  Cancelled
11. Chris Howard – Native American/power carved  Bio
12. Dick Lamphier – Realistic Caricature; expressions & details/hand  Bio
13. Brenda Lodermeier – Wood burning  Bio  Cancelled
14. Floyd Rhadigan- Caricature carving 
web page
15. Linda Sales- Wood Burning 
16. Silvano Salvadore- Deep Relief, canes, walking sticks.  Cancelled
17. Dave Sharp- Realistic Animal
18. Fred & Elaine Stenman – Relief carving, pyrography & painting
web page   
19. Bob Thurston – Caricature carving  Bio
20. John Williams – Animal Carving, hand or power   Cancelled

* Note:  Due to the limited hand strength of some students, power carving tools may be used in a Hand Carving class.

Discount form


MWCA clubs may sponsor their club members by filling out this form and giving him/her a $25.00 check or money order, to enclose with their application and personal check or money order, for $125.00.

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