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Patch 25th Anniversary

25th Anniversary Patch guidelines


Art work must look good when reduced to the maximum size.

Maximum Size 3” X 4” or 4” X 3” rectangle or 3 ½” Circle.


Or design a “Ribbon” to apply under our existing patch that indicated our 25th anniversary.


Maximum of 5 colors.


Open to everyone. IE, you, your spouse, your grandkids, art students at your local high school or college…


Mail your entries to:    Sandy Maleitzke

                                      18561 20th Ave.

                                      Marion, MI 49665


Entries must be received by September 30, 2017.


Entries will be voted on at the October general membership meeting.


The winner will receive a $50.00 check from MWCA.


All art work becomes the property of MWCA.


New patch will be available about the same time as the new calendar.