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Ornament Carving Project

MWCA Ornament Carvings for the Michigan FESTIVAL OF TREES

Bill Phillips 4-16-13

The Festival of Trees is one of the largest annual special event fundraisers for medical research at
Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation

If you would like to view some of the photos of the 2012 Festival of Trees go to:   

Now that we have introduced the MWCA involvement in the Festival of Trees project we have received some questions, suggestions and requests for clarification of the program as noted below.


#1 The MWCA is asking carvers to carve a tree ornament that will hang on a tree branch without pulling down the branch too much like you would do with your Christmas Tree.

#2 Will the MWCA accept larger stand alone carving items that the festival can sell in the gift shop or auction off at the tree festival gala??? YES -- we would love to have some of those (new or older) larger (too big to hang on a tree) carvings that you think people would like to buy with the donation also going to the Festival of Trees. Just think a chance to clean off a shelf & make room for some new carvings you’re going to carve.

#3 Who do we turn the carving into & where?? -- Turn them in to our Chairpersons or any committee member MWCA Regional Rep, your club President or a person appointed by your club to help with this event. We will accept carvings at any carving event or you can mail them to our Chairpersons. The sooner you turn them in the better!!

#4 What happens to my carving when I turn it in?? The carvings will be delivered to our Chairpersons who will attach a business card size note indicating the carving came thru the MWCA (PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME ON THE CARVING -- wood burn or ink it in) & attach a slip of paper with your name and which club you belong to so we can keep track of the carvings and participants.

#5 What happens if I can’t turn my carving(s) in before the Mid Oct date?? We will try to put them in this year’s display but if it’s too late we will hold on to it until next year with the expectation that we will do this again next year (2014).

#6 Can I visit the display & gift shop to view and/or purchase the carvings?? YES They offer a general admission ticket(s) sold at the event at the Dearborn Inn. Marriott Hotel – 20301 Oakwood Blvd., Dearborn, MI. The tickets cost $5/ Adults, Children $3 and under2 years free.  We will post ASAP the viewing dates & time on our web site (www’ or you can check out the Festival of Trees web site at .

#7 Can I volunteer to help (work) at the festival?? YES -- as a volunteer, you will have fun and be part of this festive event. You will greet attendees, answer visitor’s questions, sell raffle tickets, work in the gift shop or assist in the setup and cleanup. Most positions require some standing and walking. Volunteers work in shifts. The shifts are 3-4 hours depending on the day(s) you select. If you are interested please let us know and we will advise who/where to sign up ASAP. We encourage you to participate if you have the desire to do so

update 2015 FOT


From Bill Phillips, 2015 FOT