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Chatter Newsletter


This newsletter is published 6 times a year (Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov). Articles must be submitted to the editor on the 25th of the prior month. Distribution is via e-mail and this web page.

Below on the left you can click to download the current and past newsletters in .pdf format.  On the right you can click to send an e-mail to the Editor.

 Current and Prior Newsletters
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Current Issue  2018-May

Prior Issues
 2018-Mar   2018-Jan

2017-Sep   2017-Jul
 2017-May   2017-Mar   2017-Jan 
 2016-Nov   2016-Sep   2016-Jul
2016-May   2016-Mar   2016-Jan

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 2014-May   2014-Mar   2014-Jan

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 2013-May   2013-Mar   2013-Jan

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 2012-May   2012-Mar   2012-Jan

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 2011-May   2011-Mar   2011-Jan

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 2010-May   2010-Mar   2010-Jan
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 2009-May   2009-Mar   2009-Jan

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