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Yahoo Chat Group


Chat Group

In order to faciliate communication between MWCA Members the Webmaster is also the Moderator of a Yahoo Chat Group titled "MiWCA"

This chat group is for members and friends of the Michigan Wood Carvers Association (MWCA). We will discuss carving events, club activities, MWCA activities, etc. in a courteous manner. This chat group is intended to supplement the Chatter Newsletter and MWCA web site as a means to improve communication among woodcarvers in Michigan.

New membership requests are screened by the moderator to keep out people who only want to send Spam or Advertisement to the group list.  The moderator will ask new member applicants to provide their Name, City where they live, Club they belong to, and what their woodcarving interests are. 

New group members are asked to post a note to introduce themselves and indicate what club they belong to.  All Group members are asked, when posting notes, to include their name and club so others know whom is speaking.

Instructions to Join this MiWCA Chat Group:

1)   If you don't have a Yahoo Logon Id send an e-mail to :   
MiWCA Moderator -