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Dick Lamphier

Instructor Bio: Richard (Dick) Lamphier

Dick got his first set of carving tools at age 13 and has maintained his carving interest for many years. After the typical interruptions of life, raising a family, trying to make a living, he got serious about carving when he attended the first MWCA seminar. Inspired by Floyd Rhadigan he has since attended multiple seminars, taught by nationally known instructors.

Dick has a diversified carving background from Duck Carving, to Carousel animals, to Relief, to Human. However, the challenges of “carving the human face” have been his main carving interest. In particular, carving the full range of “Facial Expressions” - then developing the carving skills and techniques necessary to create a subject, that accurately represents the “age” the carver wishes his/her subject to be.

Dick has regular carving classes in his Studio and has taught classes in other states as well. He has had classes scheduled at clubs, groups, Woodcraft stores to the “Institute for the Arts” in Kentucky.

Dick does not teach a class whereby the students - “Copy” – a carving that the instructor has already carved. He would rather work with the student to “Create” a carving which exhibits the students’ ideas and wishes. They will decide what gender, and age their subject will be. The student will “Learn, How To” make their carving smile, or frown, or pout, or laugh, or to show anger or sadness or happiness.

When the student leaves the class he/she should have the knowledge to create their own caricatures – their own design!

Success is: “In The Details!”

Carving “Realistic” - Caricature Faces & Expressions

Class Content: Student artist will learn the skills necessary to complete a more
detailed; anatomically accurate, caricature. Emphasis is placed on Faces &
Facial Expressions. Attitude, Emotions and Feelings of a successfully carved
figure are primarily shown through their Facial Expressions. Students will learn
how Expressions come from the manipulation of muscles, position of the jaw,
eyes, eyebrows, and yes even the ears and nose are moved around by our facial
muscles. Student artists will learn to create the Specific Expressions of their
choosing. And, have the ability to Repeat this success on any carving . . . . .
whenever they want!

This is a very rewarding class! We work hard – learn a lot – and - have a lot of
fun doing it!

Class Size is limited to Eight Students to allow more “one on one” instruction.
The key here is to not just copy the instructor’s carving! But, to enable the
student artist to be more creative with his/her carvings After, they leave the

Note: This class is best suited to wood carving artists of intermediate levels (or
above). “Intermediate” - being those who have completed at least one or
more beginning woodcarving classes, or have received the equivalent
instruction and/or experience elsewhere.

Instructor: Dick Lamphier, Elk Rapids, MI

Dick is an accomplished woodcarver, dedicated to sharing his knowledge with
others who wish to become better artists. He has been carving for many years,
and has won many “Best of Show” awards.

“Artists are made not born - they are made”
“Wood carving is the art of creating shadows in wood”
“Tri?es make perfection, and perfection is no tri?e”
“Carving is easy, you just go down to the skin and stop”
“It is well with me only when I have a chisel in my hand”

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