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Dylan Goodson

Artist Bio
Dylan Goodson started carving in 2000 at the age of fourteen. After three years of trying to learn on his own, he bought his first carving book. In 2005 he took his first carving class, and hasn't looked back. He enjoys going to woodcarving shows around the US, he has won major awards at some of them and has been an exhibitor at the International Woodcarvers Congress and Dayton, Ohio's “Artistry in Wood” show for several years. During the spring of 2010 he spent two weeks studying woodcarving and gilding in Austria. Since 2007 he has been teaching classes on Relief carving and figures, and has found that he enjoys teaching just as much as carving. Over the course of 2012 Dylan has renovated a historic building in Wetumpka, Alabama which he and Carole Jean Boyd are using as a studio. Dylan is a member of both the Central Alabama Woodcarvers Assn. and the Tannehill Woodcarvers Club. To learn more about him, and to see examples of his work go to and check out his studio's Facebook page,

Class description

Relief Scene or Human Figure - Dylan Goodson

Choose to carve either a landscape relief scene or a human figure in the round.

Dylan will have a new relief project that will be an 8.5" by 11" by 2" thick carving of a log cabin or house in the country. From a north woods mountain cabin to a bayou fish camp, the rough out will be vague enough that you'll be able to customize the scene to suit you tastes. While carving this design you'll learn about perspective, compression of depth; layering and textures. Not to mention a heavy dose of carving the intricate details that Dylan is know for.

If human figures is what you're interested in, Dylan's project for that will be a variation on his Swordsman design. New variations available for this year will be an Old West 7th Cavalry Officer and a Pirate, as well as the French Musketeer shown. You'll have the opportunity during this class to learn about the uses of clay models in woodcarving, as well as: human anatomy, how to rough out using planes, realistic carving techniques; sharpening, safe and efficient carving methods.

Students will be carving using carving stands provided by Dylan and should bring some intermediate or mallet-sized tools and a mallet for this class; although palm tools can be very useful. Rough-outs will range in price from $25 to $55, depending on project.

Dylan can be contacted at 256-496-6797 or by email: To see more examples of his work and to learn more about Dylan, visit his website:

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